Finding the perfect Body Contouring device for you.

If you are starting off as a certified body sculpting specialist or if you just want a device for your own personal use, I've listed a few devices that I personally use and will bring great results. If you're a mobile body contouring specialist, at time you won't need to pack your entire 6 in 1 machine. There are so many benefits of having a mobile cavitation/skin tightening device if you’re a body sculptor. Not only can you save on time when servicing a client, if you’re just doing a cavitation service or a skin tightening service only, you have some great alternatives.

S Shape Body Sculpting Device that I use:


Body sculpting 6 in 1 cavitation machine with Laser Lipo


BBL Enhancement Device


3 Zones Infrared Slimming Sauna Blanket


3 In 1 Cavitation Body Slimming RF Skin Tighten Device ( great for mobile body sculpting services)


Body Contouring for home use