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Updated: Oct 22, 2022

Some may ask what is Lipo Cavitation or what is it like. The procedure applies the ultrasonic device directly to specific areas of the skin after a gel is applied. The duration of treatment session normally takes about 30-35 minutes each depending on the size of the area and the thickness of the fat layer.

Results can sometimes be noticed after the first treatment with more improvement noticed within a few days. 3 - 6 sessions at 3 days intervals are recommended in order to achieve an ideal result, but further treatments may be needed to attain your desired figure.

Machine that I use when servicing my body contouring clients:

S shape cavitation machine with laser pads or

6 In 1 Unoisetion Cavitation Machine with Lipo Laser pads

Our latest YouTube Video talks more about Lipo Cavitation

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