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Are you a body sculptor looking to earn money online in the digital space, but not sure where to start?


Whether you want to boost your income with something new or shift gears away from body sculpting, you're in the right spot! 


I’ve put together a super user-friendly guide to show you the ropes on making and selling digital products in the body sculpting world.


What you'll get:

  • A 51-page eBook that walks you through making, sharing, and selling your first digital product.

  • A PDF granting access to the eBook.

  • Inspiring content suggestions tailored for body sculpting

  • Suggestions for digital products you can create. 

  • The chance to own and resell this guide. 


PLUS, a bonus: '100 eBook Ideas for Body Sculpting' just for you.


Dive into the contents of the eBook:


- Introduction

- Prep Essentials

- Your Brand Name

- Legalities

- Master Your Market 

- Branding Basics

- Domain & Emails

- Ideas Spark

- Profitable Product Names

- Your Lead Magnet

- Passion to Product

- Pricing Psychology

- Competitor Insight

- Market Like a Pro

- Instagram

- Automate Leads & Sales

- Stan Store: Set up

- Stan Store: Freebie Opt-in

- Stan Store: Digital Product Set up

- Sales Emails

- Setting up Email Campaigns

- Product Launch Time

- Mindset + Goal Setting


Snap up this eBook today and start your journey towards earning passive income in the body sculpting business!


When you buy this digital goodie, you also get the rights to make it yours and sell it too!


Here's how it works: After buying, you'll get a PDF link to tweak this eBook in Canva.


HEADS UP: This is a DIGITAL PRODUCT ONLY. Nothing's coming in the mail. And because it's digital, all sales are final - no returns or swaps.

Body Sculpting Guide to Digital Product

$97.00 Regular Price
$37.00Sale Price
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